Schools Balances/Funding/ParentGovernor Req

Dear Colleagues/Governors,

You may be aware that there is currently a review taking place of Schools Funding, following the reforms put in place for 2013/14 (see 'Schools Funding 2014/15' on the GOVAS site). The review is taking place through the Schools Forum and, as part of this process, we would welcome your views on the reforms that were put in place. At the moment, those schools that lost out under the current system are making the most 'noise', so we would particularly welcome input from governors of schools that benefited, or maintained the status quo from the changes.

Please take time to look at the articles on the New GOVAS website relating to this subject and then leave your comments by emailing us by return. The next meeting of the sub-group dealing with this is 28th June

Two other issues I would like to draw your attention to are the article on school balances(read here), and the request for a Parent Governor (link here) to join the CYP Scrutiny Committee