Schools Balances - Update-

Dear Colleagues,

Further to the e-mail last week concerning the Schools Funding Review, it has been brought to my attention that there has been some upset over the choice of words used, in particular, the reference to schools that lost out from the last review making the most 'noise'. I apologise if that is the case, as it was not the intention.

To put the comment in context, I attended the first meeting of the group set-up to make recommendations to the review. I was the only governor, apart from the Chair, and the remainder of the group were Primary Head-teachers. The make-up of this group was overwhelmingly from those schools who had previously lost out. I am also in that category, although as I have repeatedly stated, i have argued for a system that is fairer for the majority of Stockport pupils. On this basis, I wanted to get the opinions from as many governors as possible. 

Finally, I still welcome views from all governors on the issue of the Funding Review. you can contact us by return.

Stu Foster
Joint Chair, GOVAS