Conference Review


Dear Colleagues,

Thank you once again to all who attended the 2014 Stockport Governors Conference (link to front page article) on a bright and sunny Saturday morning at Marple High School. We had over 130 governors in attendance, in addition to the GOVAS Management committee members and LA personnel. Although we don't keep records of these things, that is probably a record number.  

Apart from the fantastic food, the main reason for attending was to improve ourselves as governors and help to improve the schools we are governors at. As was mentioned by Andrew Webb, Stockport schools are performing very strongly at the moment.

The challenge is to make them even better: to move from 'good' to 'outstanding' and to add value to already 'outstanding' schools. Hopefully you got some ideas from Saturday about how this may be achieved, and also plenty of enthusiasm to make it happen. Of course, not all our schools are in the good/outstanding categories,  and it was particularly refreshing to see so many governors from schools outside of these. These schools already receive a lot of attention and support at a teaching and management level, but maybe there is a role for the wider governing community to get involved in some way to support the governing bodies? For now though, just two requests.

The first is, if you have not already done so, please take part in our "3 Main Challenges" survey and, secondly, please take a few moments to send us your feedback (-click here-) on the conference. We changed the format this year in response to last year's feedback so, although we may feel it went well, we really do need to know what you think. If you did not attend the Conference, this year, please jump to the final question.

We are keen that we do not exclude any groups from being able to attend the conferences, so we would like to understand the reasons why people do not go. Finally, we would like to highlight that we still have some vacancies on the GOVAS Management Committee. We meet 4-6 times a year, usually in the Town Hall.

Our aims are:  

- helping governors to support each other
- sharing good practice and information
- providing links to training and resources
- giving a voice to Stockport governors

Duncan Howarth, the NGA Chair, commented how strong and effective GOVAS was, compared with other local associations. If you would like to help us to maintain this strength, please contact us through the web-site (-here-)

Many thanks,
Stu Foster


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