Inspiring Govenors

 headersmallDear Colleagues,


Dear Colleagues,

Earlier this year there was a major launch to raise the profile of governance and to get more people,especially those with key skills, to become governors. Details of the initiative can be found at At GOVAS, we fully support this initiative and have been looking at how we can contribute at a local level. We have initiated discussions with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, to explore how we can involve the local business community and, although we still have some way to go, there is a great deal of good will on both sides. We will keep you posted on how this develops.

On a related issue, we have had a request from Pendlebury Pupil Referral Unit to try to find a Parent Governor for their governing board. As they have a very vulnerable and transient population it would not be appropriate to have a parent of one of their students. In agreement with the Stockport LA they can therefore appoint a parent of a Secondary aged child who attends one of our mainstream schools. Whilst we are not (yet) in the process of offering a matchmaking service for governors and schools, we will always do what we can to promote and support our more vulnerable young people, and so we would encourage any governor with a child in one of the LA maintained secondary schools to consider this position. We will gladly forward on any expressions of interest we receive.

Finally for now, we recently received a request for advice on the recommended length of time a governor should serve on a particular board. Although I for one would fall foul of this, the NGA recommendation is that chairs should serve no more than 6 years, and governors 8 years. The question was asked in relation to the Trojan Horse enquiry. You can read the NGA guidance document -  here -

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 Stu Foster

Chair, GOVAS