Got A Question, Governors

Dear Colleagues/Governors,


Got A Question?

At last year’s conference, we finished off with a Question & Answer session, which was very well received. We will therefore be running the Q&A again this year. To give governors who are or are not able to attend a chance to participate, we are opening it up to allow you to post your questions in advance. Since the panelists will reflect the workshop topics "click here for the topics", questions around these areas would be preferred, but we will do our best to use a wide a selection as possible. There will also be an opportunity for those at the conference to raise questions on the day. We endeavour to feed back any questions that we receive.

If you would like a question to be taken into consideration than please "follow this link" to fill in  the online form

You can no longer register for the conference as we are finalising the details at the moment.

Many thanks!

Stu Foster
Chair, GOVAS

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