Inspection 2016- Governance: `Getting the balance right`

Dear Colleagues/Governors,

'Inspection 2016 - Governance: Getting the balance right'

The Keynote speech at this year’s Stockport Governor Conference will include:

The Conference is open to all Stockport governors and headteachers and staff governors are particularly welcome. This is an unrivalled opportunity to hear from someone directly involved in the new Inspection Framework, but who is also used to working with governors. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions in the Q&A session that will follow the speech

The session will be led by John Gornall, an ex-Senior Her Majesty's Inspector (SHMI) with Ofsted. John, prior to joining Ofsted in 2001 had been a headteacher of two schools, a local authority school improvement adviser and Registered Inspector. Since joining as a HMI in 2001 John has inspected and monitored every phase and type of educational provision covering ages 3 to 19 years. He became a Divisional Manager in Ofsted in 2009 and led the organisation nationally on Schools Causing Concern and Quality Assurance. More recently, as a Senior HMI, John has worked on the implementation of the new Inspection Framework. He has a wealth of experience in working with governors and headteachers on school improvement. He retired from Ofsted in December 2015, and now works part-time as an education consultant.

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Stu Foster


Become a GOVAS Management Committee Member - we are a happy and contented bunch, but we could do with a few more friends. We meet three, or four, times a year, usually at the Town Hall. Our main visible event is the conference, but we also meet with council officers once a term and represent governors on a number of committees and we are looking to establish workshops/seminars to complement the LA training programme. To join the management committee, you do not need to have been a governor for over ten years, have a beard, or wear sandals. You do not need to be a Chair of governors, or even aspire to be. We just want governors who are prepared to give up a bit more of their time; to provide a fresh outlook; and to be able to speak up for governors within and outside of Stockport. Please contact us through

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