Stockport Family

Dear Colleagues/Governors,

As governors, we have a variety of reasons for doing what we do, but a desire to help children succeed in life is no doubt central to these.

Stockport Family works closely with our schools and has a clear vision and ambition for all Stockport children and young people to ensure that they:

• are given the very best start in life by their parents and carers
• enjoy good health and receive the services they need to become as independent as possible and to achieve the best health outcomes
• are well prepared for adulthood and engage in education, employment and training
• are supported in contributing to their community
• live safely and happily within their families

If you would like to find out more about the work of Stockport Family and how we can work with them to fulfil this vision, register for the workshop at the Conference on Saturday. You can still register -Register Here- registration will close very soon on the 9th March

For those of you who have already registered, links to the presentations and the agenda will be sent out before the day.
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

The GOVAS team



Become a GOVAS Management Committee Member - we are a happy and contented bunch, but we could do with a few more friends. We meet three, or four, times a year, usually at the Town Hall. Our main visible event is the conference, but we also meet with council officers once a term and represent governors on a number of committees and we are looking to establish workshops/seminars to complement the LA training programme. To join the management committee, you do not need to have been a governor for over ten years, have a beard, or wear sandals. You do not need to be a Chair of governors, or even aspire to be. We just want governors who are prepared to give up a bit more of their time; to provide a fresh outlook; and to be able to speak up for governors within and outside of Stockport. Please contact us through

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