Govas Autumn Conference

Dear Colleagues/Governors,

Education For All: the Implications for School Structures & Governance in Stockport”

We are pleased to announce that registration for this conference is now open and can be accessed by this link to the GOVAS website. The conference will take place at the Edgeley Park conference centre on Thursday October 6th, with registration starting at 11am and the conference will close at 3.45pm. The conference will include lunch, so we would be grateful if you could advise us of any dietary requirements that you may have.

The speakers will include: Vicky Beer, our regional Schools Commissioner; Phil Beswick, Director of Education for Stockport; Clare Collins, lead consultant, National Governors Association; and Mark Blois, a Partner and head of the education team at Browne Jacobson and Chair of the L.E.A.D. Academy Trust.

The aim of the conference is to provide a balanced and informative appraisal of the current educational landscape and to give time to reflect and discuss the issues with your colleagues and our speakers.

The conference will initially be open to 2 governors from each school, on a first-come, first-served basis, so we would urge you to register early.

We would also like to flag up the Spring Stockport Governor Conference, held in partnership with the LA. This is provisionally booked for March 11th at Marple Hall High School, with a focus on the “School-led System”. The guest speaker for this conference will be John Stephens Deputy Director, Teaching Schools & School Improvement Division, National College for Teaching & Leadership.

Hopefully all primary governors will have had sight of your school’s provisional Key Stage SATS results. Stockport once again comfortably exceeded the national average, which we should celebrate, but there will undoubtedly be some schools who did not do as well as they had hoped. Firstly, these are provisional figures for attainment only and the fuller picture will not be known until the Autumn Term. Secondly, these results are not comparable with previous years. In light of this, we would echo the NGA s view that governing boards take their time to reflect on your school’s results. It may be a case for a little more support and a bit less challenge!

Finally, a big well done to all the primaries (and Freshfield Nursery) who took part in the recent Young Entrepreneurs event, held at Stockport Town Hall. 17 schools took part and the standard seems to rise year after year. Everyone involved deserves the greatest credit!

We hope that you enjoy the summer and come back refreshed in September. Hopefully educational policy will not change too much in the meantime and we hope to see as many of you as possible at Edgeley Park in October.

Best Regards,

Stu Foster


Become a GOVAS Management Committee Member - we are a happy and contented bunch, but we could do with a few more friends. We meet three, or four, times a year, usually at the Town Hall. Our main visible event is the conference, but we also meet with council officers once a term and represent governors on a number of committees and we are looking to establish workshops/seminars to complement the LA training programme. To join the management committee, you do not need to have been a governor for over ten years, have a beard, or wear sandals. You do not need to be a Chair of governors, or even aspire to be. We just want governors who are prepared to give up a bit more of their time; to provide a fresh outlook; and to be able to speak up for governors within and outside of Stockport. Please contact us through

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