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Please find below an update relating to the Schools Financial Consultation 2014 undertaken earlier this term in relation to the following matters:
• Local Funding Formula (Primary sector only)
• Resourced Provision settings; and
• Early Years Single Funding Formula

The Local Authority has received in total 58 responses (68%) from the primary school sector and a number of other providers from the early year's sector relating to the latter subject matter above. The Corporate Director for Services to People and his senior management team have considered the responses, the views/issues raised and all the options available in relation to the individual matters.

Having considered all the above and reflected upon the feedback from all stakeholders, the LA is able to provide the following update/information:

Local Funding Formula:
The Corporate Directors will recommend to the executive at their February 2015 meeting that they proceed with the proposal to increase the level of funding distributed via the Basic Entitlement (BE) formula factor in the local funding model, however having considered the views and issues received, this will be implemented as follows:
• Increase BE formula factor to 73% of overall funding envelope in 2015/16;
• A further increase be implemented to 75% from April 2016; and
• The above will be achieved by redistribution from all formula factors (except lump sum) on a pro-rata basis (i.e. Model 2 principle from the consultation document)

Resourced Provision settings:

The LA is still committed to implementing a single simple funding model for all resourced provision settings based upon an agreed set of principles and linked to the LA vision of supporting all SEN pupils within the overall wider SEN strategy.
The consultation responses however outlined a number of concerns and issues that still require further works and dialogue with all appropriate stakeholders before any planned change can be implemented.

Therefore the proposed implementation of the new model from September 2015 will be deferred until at least September 2016 and the review group will be reformed early in 2015 to re-assess the review and the future model/strategy.

Early Years Single Funding Formula (EYSFF):
The LA outlined a "minded to" option within the consultation document to reduce the base rates within the EYSFF model from April 2015 to partly address the sustainability issue of all budget areas within the total Schools Budget currently financed by the deployment of the dedicated schools grant (DSG).
The LA will not be in a position to determine if the above option will be implemented until all information relating to the final 2015/16 DSG settlement and local cost pressures/savings has been received, collated and analysed early in the spring term 2015 as part of the overall budget setting process.

A further announcement on this matter will be made in due course.

I hope the above is clear and helpful and provides a sufficient level of detail to help schools continue with their budget planning for 2015/16. Further information and detailed reports will be provided to Schools, Schools Forum and the Council Executive in the new year as appropriate.

The final 2015/16 Schools Budget constructed will be subject to formal approval by the Council Executive at their meeting to be held on 10 February 2015 and all schools budget information and the local detailed Schools Budget Pack will be released later in February (Final Statutory deadline is 28 February 2015)

Many thanks

Peter Hughes
CSS Finance – Accounting
15 December 2014