Fairer Funding for Schools:
Government has finally started a Consultation aimed at providing a fairer funding formula for schools. It intends to deliver a transparent funding system where the funding children attract for their school is based on need and will be consistent across the country. It is intended to implement this national formula from 2017/2018. Stockport has until 17April2016 to respond. A sub group (called the DSC Review Group), comprising Officers. Governors and Teachers will meet on 28March2017 to discuss Stockport’s response which will be put before a meeting of Schools Forum before this closing date.

Water and Sewerage Charges.
It has become known that there is a significant disparity between areas of the country with regards to how the new water and sewerage charges are being applied to schools. For example, schools in the North West pay on average £33 per pupil whilst those in the South East pay £13 per pupil.
It is intended to lobby North West Water to reconsider their charging mechanism.
All Schools, Governors, Local Councillors, Local Authorities and Local MP’s are to be contacted by letter to make them aware of this issue, and for them to write expressing concern using a draft letter prepared for such use. Governors are encouraged to raise this issue at school level and consider using this draft letter, suitably amended, to highlight concern and seek a review.

School Insurance.
The current School Insurance Scheme is to be altered to include for an administration charge of £4,900 to simplify operation of the Sickness Insurance and Balance of Risk cover.
This charge will come out of existing budgeted funds and so will be a no cost option for schools. It will appear in school costs during the 3rd quarter of each year. In addition it will now included, at no extra cost, cover for Teachers Lap Tops, so where this cost is currently covered externally by schools this could be as useful annual saving.