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GOVAS works closely with the Stockport Children and Young People Directorate, but we are a fully independent association of governors affiliated to the equally independent National Governors Association. Every governor in Stockport is automatically a GOVAS member (as long as your institution pays their subscriptionof £10.00 PA)and our Management Committee is made up exclusively of serving volunteer governors in Stockport’s schools – nursery, primary secondary and special. Our biggest strength is our links with all the school governors in Stockport through our newsletter, special communications, and this website.  


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Welcome to the 8th edition of the Schools Forum Newsletter........
In this issue, we are including key points from the Schools Forum meeting held on 22 January 2015 particularly; Schools Forum Elections / Membership, 2015/16 Schools Funding Settlement, Schools Financial Consultation 2014, 2015/16 Schools Budget update and DfE SEN Consultation. A full copy of the minutes will be made available via the Council web-site in due course, see section 9 below.
Schools Forum Meeting 22 January 2015 – Key Points

1. Matters Arising from 4 December 2014 Meeting minutes

No matters arising

2. Schools Forum Elections / Membership Update
Report presented as tabled
Discussions: Peter Hughes presented paper which provided update on the election process completed to recruit a new VA Governor Representative to the Schools Forum (Tony Martin from St Ambrose Catholic Primary School). A primary head teacher vacancy still exists and will hopefully be recruited this term.
Decisions: N/A

1. Primary Head teacher Consortia (PHC) to update LA when new Schools Forum representative identified.

Report presented as tabled
Discussions: The report provided detail of the responses and subsequent proposals and/or decisions made by the LA relating to the matters outlined in the Schools Financial Consultation 2014 document.

1. No decision making required by Schools Forum members on this matter

1. Local Authority Officers feedback the Schools Forum views/issues raised in relation to the Local Funding Formula and Early Years Funding to the Corporate Director for Services to People.

Report presented as tabled

Discussions: The report provided a summary of the 2015/16 Schools Funding Settlement information released by the DfE in December 2014 including the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) and other key grant funding streams (i.e. Early Years Premium, SEND Reform grant and Education Services Grant (ESG)).
Decisions: N/A
Actions: N/A

Report presented as tabled.

1. Schools Forum members approved the 2015/16 budget resources ear-marked for LA statutory services and central reserve.

1. LA Officers to contact secondary sector representatives to confirm decision relating to 2015/16 De-Delegated budget areas;
2. LA Officers provide further detail on the schools supported in 2014/15 via the central reserve for infant class size (ICS) initiative matters.
3. LA to confirm position/stance for 2015/16 funding support available for ICS matters.

Report presented as tabled

Discussions: The DfE has launched a consultation document on the future shape and construction of the high needs block within the DSG framework. The DfE are inviting all LAs to respond to the series of questions contained within the document and also for LAs to forward any identified evidence of good practice.

1. The LA will facilitate a joint meeting (Tuesday 10 February 2015 1-4pm, Venue tbd.) for Schools Forum and the 0-25 Implementation Board members to discuss the consultation document content and construct a joint LA / Schools Forum response.

1. The LA send invite to the aforementioned meeting to all Schools Forum members and individual sectors are requested to ensure representation for each sector is provided.

7. Schools Forum – Schedule of Meetings and Training
Report presented as tabled

Discussions: N/A

Decisions / Actions approved: N/A

8. Any Other Business:

9. Where do I find Schools Forum Information?

The Schools Forum meetings are held, administered and clerked in accordance with any other council meetings and the minutes are recorded and presented on the councils web-site alongside all Schools Forum business matters (i.e. reports), please find link -HERE-