About Govas

GOVAS works closely with the Stockport Children and Young People Directorate, but we are a fully independent association of governors affiliated to the equally independent National Governors Association. Every governor in Stockport is automatically a GOVAS member (as long as your institution pays their subscriptionof £10.00 PA)and our Management Committee is made up exclusively of serving volunteer governors in Stockport’s schools – nursery, primary secondary and special. Our biggest strength is our links with all the school governors in Stockport through our newsletter, special communications, and this website.  


Best wishes for 2018, another year of challenges lies ahead, 2017 saw a new ofsted charter rigorously testing our procedures and knowledge and we are confident that this will continue into 2018. So make sure that all of your governors are up to date with what is going on in your school and don`t forget to ask those dificult questions when they need to be asked to the senior team. This is what being a Governor is all about.



Govas Team